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Gadget and Gear Deals of the Day [Dealhacker]

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How do I broadcast a live TV channel from my PC?

I have a USB TV cable thing that I can plug into my PC. I am wondering if it is possible to broadcast the channel I watch live to others. Is it possible? Does anyone know a good site to start with?

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Satellite TV for Pc Scam – Read This Before Downloading!

imageHow often have you heard about “Satellite TV for PC Scam”? Yes there are many PC satellite TV that are scam. You really need to be aware of hype that can hook you to put your credit card on the table. If the scam programs are made, it means that there are real programs. Since the real ones are so popular, bad people started to plan their evil way to make money.

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Interesting Reading #400 – The cause of Haiti’s earthquake, What America’s youth do all day, HP’s 3D printers, China’s new supercomputer and much more… – The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

Steve Jobs’s Tablet Device Looks to Repackage TV, Magazines, Just as iPod Changed Music Sales – “With the new tablet device that is debuting next week, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs is betting he can reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television much the way his iPod revamped the music industry—and expand Apple’s influence and revenue as a content middleman…”

The Great Megapixel Swindle: An Example – “The FE-26 is a “12 megapixel” model (actually it’s more like 11.8 Mp) using a 1/2.33″ sensor. This means each pixel is about 1.5 microns wide. When pixels are that small, the random difference in photon counts between adjacent pixels can add quite a bit of noise to the image. To solve this, the camera’s processor chip applies a noise-suppressing algorithm, which unfortunately smears out all the fine detail and texture in the scene…”

Artificial intelligence is more than just talk – Google’s top inventor – “You have been instrumental in creating the Google we know and use today as well as the development of the NASA Mars Exploration Rover. What inspires you to create?”

The Truth About Robots and the Uncanny Valley: Analysis – “An oft-cited theory in robotics, the uncanny valley, refers to that point along the chart of robot–human likeness where a robot looks and acts nearly—but not exactly—like a human. This subtle imperfection, the theory states, causes people’s feelings toward robots to veer from fondness to revulsion. Here, contributing editor Erik Sofge argues that the theory is so loosely backed it is nearly useless for roboticists. For an in-depth look at the human–robot relationship, check out PM’s feature story “Can Robots Be Trusted?” on stands now…”

Lockheed Martin introduces ‘PC on a stick’ flash drive — yes, Lockheed Martin – “Lockheed Martin does seem to have made its new IronClad its own, and included some custom software that promises to let you carry your entire computer with you and securely use it on any public computer…”

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts – “After Microsoft confirmed that a hole in its Internet Explorer browser was used in the December cyber attacks on Google and at least 33 other outfits, a trio of security-conscious nations – Germany, France, and Australia – went so far as to warn their citizens against the use of IE. And that led to a very good week for the likes of Opera and Mozilla…”

If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online – “The average young American now spends practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation…”

Windows hole discovered after 17 years – Update – “Microsoft isn’t having an easy time of it these days. In addition to the unpatched hole in Internet Explorer, a now published hole in Windows allows users with restricted access to escalate their privileges to system level – and this is believed to be possible on all 32-bit versions of Windows from Windows NT 3.1 up to, and including Windows 7. While the vulnerability is likely to affect home users in only a minor way, the administrators of corporate networks will probably have their hands full this week…”

The Internet is about to get a lot safer – “However, DNS has a huge flaw. Because DNS lacks security features it has been relatively easy for hackers to trick DNS servers with false information. By tricking DNS servers, hackers have been able to hijack entire websites. Needless to say, attacks such as these are a security nightmare and can be used for a large variety of malicious purposes such as site defacement, phishing, malware installations, and more…”

HP Plans Line of (Relatively) Affordable 3-D Printers – “Printers equipped for 3-D are poised to go mainstream, now that Hewlett-Packard plans to start selling them. The company’s inkjet and laser printers are staples in offices and homes…”

Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software – “What followed that afternoon was an interview that was so candid, in-depth, and informative about not just Chrome OS, but about the present and future of the Web as a distributed application platform, that we chose to sit on the results until the holiday and CES madness had passed. So, in this brief pause between CES and the coming iSlate hysteria, we present our Chrome OS interview…”

Toyota Sees Robotic Nurses in Your Lonely Final Years – “Toyota and Honda aren’t going to stop building cars, but both see a big market for robots. Toyota is so bullish on bots, it sees them becoming a core business by 2020 (.pdf). Some may see these machines as a threat to our jobs, if not our safety — particularly if they’re serving as nurses. The last thing people want is T-100 checking their IV drip. But the Japanese seem to be thinking of bots like Astroboy — loyal creations willing to sacrifice themselves to save their humans friends…”

How Cows (Grass-Fed Only) Could Save the Planet – “It works like this: grass is a perennial. Rotate cattle and other ruminants across pastures full of it, and the animals’ grazing will cut the blades — which spurs new growth — while their trampling helps work manure and other decaying organic matter into the soil, turning it into rich humus. The plant’s roots also help maintain soil health by retaining water and microbes. And healthy soil keeps carbon dioxide underground and out of the atmosphere…”

Show and Sell: The Secret to Apple’s Magic – “Flash an exotic prototype, then—Presto!—get people to buy your more boring stuff. That kind of thinking still rules at most electronics companies. Apple under Steve Jobs only shows off actual products. The difference? Apple’s arcane secret to success…”

Anticipating the Apple Tablet: When journalism becomes fanfiction – “On every tech news site the story is the same. Apple, Apple, Apple: most of it reams of gushing speculation over the alleged tablet that the company is allegedly launching a week from today…”

Some New Perspective on Microsoft/Apple – “First point: When Microsoft released its Bing app for iPhone, it became the company’s best mobile search by volume of queries, better than the traffic Verizon Wireless [VZ 30.71 -0.52 (-1.67%) ] drives to Microsoft, and Bing is already the default the search engine across that network. Second point: This source says “Jobs hates Eric.””

China Details Homemade Supercomputer Plans – “It’s official: China’s next supercomputer, the petascale Dawning 6000, will be constructed exclusively with home-grown microprocessors. Weiwu Hu, chief architect of the Loongson (also known as “Godson”) family of CPUs at the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), a division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also confirms that the supercomputer will run Linux. This is a sharp departure from China’s last supercomputer, the Dawning 5000a, which debuted at number 11 on the list of the world’s fastest supercomputers in 2008, and was built with AMD chips and ran Windows HPC Server…”

Helping computers understand language – “An irony of computer science is that tasks humans struggle with can be performed easily by computer programs, but tasks humans can perform effortlessly remain difficult for computers. We can write a computer program to beat the very best human chess players, but we can’t write a program to identify objects in a photo or understand a sentence with anywhere near the precision of even a child…”

The Cause of Haiti’s Latest Earthquake: Is the Worst Yet to Come? A Look at the Seismic Science in the Caribbean. – “Haiti and its neighbors sit above two tectonic plates (the North American and the Caribbean) that slide awkwardly past one another in an east-west direction at about an inch a year. The 100-mile border between these two plates, known as the Enriquillo-Plaintain fault line, extends from the Dominican Republic through Haiti all the way to Jamaica. Last Tuesday’s rupture occurred when a segment of the plates that had been stuck together since 1751 (when the last earthquake occurred) jerked themselves free, releasing 250 years of built-up friction from the earthquake’s epicenter and displacing just enough ground to topple Haiti’s fragile and ill-prepared capital…”

[[[Jump to - Interesting Reading #399 – Body armor from snails, Earthquakes due in California, Moscow’s stray dogs, deadly noises and much more…]]]


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TV for PC – Watch 3500 Satellite TV channels on PC – Satellite TV for PC

imageTo watch Satellite TV on PC is the future of Television viewing, Satellite TV for PC has enabled Television viewers from all over the world to save a lot of money because with this service there are no monthly bills and no cost of installation like in the case of the regular Satellite TV and cable Television. Millions of Television viewers from all over the world have already made the switch to Satellite TV for PC and they are now enjoying the benefits of TV for PC.

To get the service is easy; all you are required to do is to join the

Satellite TV for PC website

at an affordable fee which is less than half of what you usually pay every month on Satellite Dish and cable service. This one time registration fee earns you a life time membership to the site and also enables you to download the awesome TV for PC software. There is no cost of installation, no technicians needed, no additional equipment required, like in the case of satellite dish and cable installations, all you need to do is download the TV for PC software and install it.

Once you have downloaded the software and installed it you will get instant access to over 3500 high quality live digital Satellite TV channels on your PC for FREE. Channels from all major cities and states worldwide. Because the TV channels are transmitted via the internet, the TV signal you receive cannot be affected by harsh weather and terrain and therefore you can comfortably watch TV from any part of the word without inconvenience. The channels come in all categories from movies and music, sports, cartoon channels, adult channels with parental control and much more. This is a perfect TV service for the whole family.

Click here to preview and download Satellite TV for PC – TV for PC.

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Is it legal to download cable tv on pc?

Where can I find out & are there free downloads?

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Live TV ON PC – Watch Satellite TV direct on your PC FREE !!! Live TV ON PC – Watch Satellite TV direct on your PC FREE !!! never more pay for satellite tv – watch it direct on your computer from today

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Satellite TV for PC – The future of Television Viewing

imageSatellite TV for PC is now the future of Television viewing. Millions of Television viewers from all around the world have already switched to Satellite TV for PC simply because of its awesome advantages over the regular satellite dish service and cable.

There are many benefits of Satellite TV for PC the major one being satellite TV for PC enables you save money especially in the current harsh economic times since there are no monthly bills to be paid and installation is easy and has no cost what so ever, not like in the case of the regular satellite dish service and cable where you have to spend over 200$ on installation alone and 90 to 100$ on monthly fees meaning you end up spending over 1200$ a month.

To get Satellite TV for PC service all you need to do is join the

Satellite TV for PC website

at a one time fee of  49.95$ which earns you a life time membership on the website. Once you become a member all you need to do is download the simple TV for PC software that will enable you watch over 3000 live high quality Television channels from all around the world with digital sound, there are no limits whatsoever, You receive twice the number of channels you receive on the regular satellite dish and cable with no limitations, no additional equipment or hardware is required, you do not even need a technician to do it for you.

Installation is easy all you need to do is download the simple TV for PC software which has clear step by step installation instructions easy for anyone to understand. They also have this awesome customer care service to answer your questions and assist you incase of any problems.

Click here for a preview of Satellite TV for PC.

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how can i watch online tv channels on my pc usng internet?

is there any way to watch channels like tv computer through a n internet or is there any software that can play any channel of the world wthout any charge?

have seen some softwares that can play like “any tv v2.11″ i saw in a site.

do you know anything about it
tell me i just want to watch it on my pc, cause i have burned up my TV.

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